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Spiritual Life Coaching

What does Spiritual Life Coaching entail?

A session begins by examining the present situation assessing spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being and seek to clarify a clients life goals, aspirations and collaboratively design a a plan to manifest the desired outcomes. Together, Kevin and client formulate strategies tailored to the individual’s spiritual evolution, aiming to empower and foster spiritual growth.

Divination techniques, shamanic journeying, numerology, tarot, oracle cards, dowsing can be incorporated, subject to mutual agreement.

The unique approach used in Kevin’s spiritual life coaching practice can involve various modalities suitable for the individual, including learning how to connect with your Spiritual Guides, counseling, shamanic healing, meditation, energy healing, chakra balancing, working with mermaid, unicorn, dragon or fairy realm energies, past life regression and ancestral line healing among others. The Parker practice can assist you to unfurl your own psychic skill-set if that is one of your goals.

At the heart of Kevin’s approach is working collaboratively to empower clients to undertake and assume responsibility for their personal healing and ongoing spiritual evolution. The foundation for this work involves learning how to connect and dialogue with your Higher Self, your Divine I AM. We achieve this through a combination of Jungian dialoguing techniques, Mindfulness and meditation, Shamanic Journeying and working with the energies that you most feel at ease with.

Life Coaching vs. Spiritual Life Coaching: Unraveling the Differences

Life Coaching is a dynamic practice that forms a cooperative relationship between a coach and client. Its main objective is to maximize an individual’s potential. A life coaches wear multiple hats, acting as consultants, motivational speakers, therapists, and friends. They offer an external view on challenging situations, assist in decision-making, and augment skills. The overarching aim is to provide accountability, expertise, motivation, accelerated achievement of goals, and inspiration. People usually seek life coaching to address various aspects of their lives, ranging from personal and career goals to bettering relationships and health.

In contrast, Spiritual Life Coaching takes a more profound approach. While it shares the foundational aspects of regular life coaching, it is primarily geared towards those who:

  • Aim to achieve goals that intertwine with spirituality

  • Seek a deeper understanding and meaning in life.

  • Require guidance on their spiritual journey.

The Essence of Spirituality

The term “spirituality” is multifaceted and can be perceived differently:

  • A concentration on the human spirit or soul over materialistic aspects.
  • An endeavor to rekindle our original essence, mirroring the “image of the Divine.”
  • A connection to a superior entity or the pursuit of life’s purpose.
  • A personal evolution when one’s body, mind, emotions, and energies mature.
  • A quest for peace, purpose, and convictions about life’s essence.
  • An exploration to comprehend our authentic self and the nature of consciousness.

Summarily, spirituality largely pertains to connecting with something beyond oneself, seeking our true nature, and nurturing our spirit or soul.

Goals Unique to Spiritual Life Coaching

Individuals with a spiritual focus might strive to:

  • Forge a bond with the universe.
  • Fathom and feel unconditional love.
  • Recover from past traumas through spiritual love.
  • Uplift others on a spiritual level.

Such spiritual objectives are more ethereal than the conventional ones. While regular coaches might not attend to these nuances, spiritual life coaches are specialized in guiding people through life’s profound meanings.

Choosing Spiritual Life Coaching

Many turn to spiritual life coaches to:

  • Understand and cultivate their spiritual talents, like psychic abilities.
  • Transition from traditional religious convictions that no longer resonate with them.
  • Gain confidence in their intuition and emotions, particularly when they’re on a solitary spiritual journey without supportive communities.

In a nutshell, while life coaching emphasizes personal and professional progression, spiritual life coaching delves into the deeper, often elusive facets of an individual’s voyage and their connection to the cosmos.

Kevin is credentialed, holding Diplomas in Spiritual Counselling, Spiritual Life Coaching, Life Coaching, as a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher together with extensive Shamanic training and qualifications. This ensures a comprehensive approach to aid you in achieving your spiritual life ambition. Check out Kevin’s credentials here.

Kevin Parker
Kevin Parkerhttp://kevinparker.au
Kevin Parker is a Core Shamanic Practitioner and a Spiritual Life Coach

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