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Your Unique Soul Plan: Align With Your Higher Self and Thrive

The Soul Plan consultation helps you connect with your true divinity, purpose, and soul amidst life’s distractions and expectations. This unique service guides you to discover and align with your soul’s blueprint for a fulfilling joyous and purposeful life. Contact Kevin to explore possibilities or make an appointment for an online or face to face consultation.

What to Expect

  1. Discover Your Unique Talents: Unearth your soul’s plan and purpose, identifying your inherent strengths and gifts.
  2. Align with Your Soul Plan: Explore your soul’s journey with Kevin’s guidance, focusing on your vibrational environment, activating soul codes in your genetic blueprint, and decoding life’s shadows as soul messages.
  3. Activate Soul Codes: Learn techniques to activate soul codes in your DNA, aligning your life with your soul’s purpose.
  4. Work with Shadows: Decode life’s shadows as soul messages and engage with them to align with your soul purpose.
  5. Prosperity and Sovereignty: Release negative programs and unlock your soul gifts using powerful invocations.
  6. Explore Soul Archetypes: Investigate the seven main soul templates to find which ones resonate with your personality, helping you express your true self.
  7. Embodied Soul Presence: Activate your soul’s presence within your body using breathwork and soul-words. Optional guided journeys help uncover and align with your soul’s purpose.
  8. Vibrational Frequencies and Sound: Discover the multidimensional orchestra of your soul, learn your soul song, and embrace your vibrational signature.

What is a Soul Plan?

A Soul Plan refers to the belief that each soul creates a blueprint or plan before being born. This plan includes the challenges, relationships, and life events that the soul will encounter, intended to foster spiritual growth and learning. It suggests that life’s experiences are not random but part of a pre-determined path designed to teach specific lessons and fulfill a higher purpose.

  1. Pre-birth Planning: The concept involves detailed planning before birth, where the soul decides on various life challenges and reasons for choosing them.
  2. Life Events with Meaning: Proponents believe that understanding one’s Soul Plan can help individuals make sense of their life’s problems and challenges, viewing them as meaningful and purposeful.
  3. Discovering Gifts and Talents: It can also guide individuals to uncover their innate gifts and talents, which are crucial for fulfilling their soul’s purpose.
  4. Listening to Your Soul: Learning to listen to one’s soul and understand its plan can be pivotal for personal and spiritual development .

Kevin is credentialed, holding Diplomas in Soul Planning, Spiritual Counselling, Spiritual Life Coaching, Life Coaching, as a Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher together with extensive Shamanic training and qualifications. This ensures a comprehensive approach to aid you in achieving your spiritual life ambition. Check out Kevin’s credentials here.

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Kevin Parker is a Core Shamanic Practitioner and a Spiritual Life Coach

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