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Spiritual Counselling

Duration : 90 MIN



In a Spiritual Life Coaching & Counselling session, we begin with an overall assessment of your current spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. This involves a deep listening conversation to identify the issues that you wish to address. You will be asked to fill in a questionire prior to your initial session to help clarify your thinking and to assist Kevin in getting a feel for your situation and ambitions.

Kevin will conduct an energetic anatomy scan to assess your energies and vibrational condition. Divination using cards, runes, or crystal ball often proves useful at the outset. An in-depth analysis utilising numerology, I-Ching or Feng-Shui Astrology prior to the face-to-face session is available upon request*.

Spiritual Life Coaching & Counselling involves a multi-disciplinary approach and employs different techniques employed with your unique individuality and soul print in mind; therefore, there is no “typical” session. They are based entirely on your needs and desired outcomes.

Together, we will discuss the various modalities that are available and decide which of them is most suitable for your situation. Exploring and refining the soul contract that you came into this life with can be a useful focus point.

Modalities employed may involve a combination of counselling, goal-setting exercises, shamanic healing, meditation and mindfulness techniques, energy healing, chakra balancing and healing, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Sound Therapy, Laws of Attraction, past life regression and healing or ancestral line healing, indeed, any of the modalities mentioned on this site can be utilised should you be attracted to them.

When it comes to this process and matters linked to our spirituality and our soul, it is important to accept that our soul is enabling life because it is our very core Being.

Together we will seek to empower your spiritual soul dimensions through exploring your spiritual- emotional-psyche nexus, recovering lost information that will help you heal in the present and evolve going forward.

We can design an ongoing program to help resolve identified issues using the modalities with which you are most at ease and develop strategies to assist you in reaching your crystalized spiritual life goals.

*extra cost in addition to session


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