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Power Animal Retrieval

Shamanic practitioners hold a firm belief in the existence of power animals—kind-hearted spirit beings embodying animal forms, which lend their wisdom and healing abilities to humans, fortifying their resilience against ill health and negative energies. A fundamental aspect of shamanic practice is spirit animal retrieval, a service often sought after when individuals face emotionally taxing events such as divorce, surgery, or job loss.

Through a unique meditative journey, shamans advocate for the individual, inviting their spirit animal to manifest in a specific way. This creature, once unveiled, is symbolically returned to the individual, along with information vital for understanding its nature.

Kevin stands ready to facilitate your reunion with your power animal. Beyond merely retrieving this spiritual ally, Kevin’s guidance equips you with the skills to undertake your own shamanic journey, fostering a profound bond with your power animal.

Kevin Parker
Kevin Parkerhttp://kevinparker.au
Kevin Parker is a Core Shamanic Practitioner and a Spiritual Life Coach

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