Past Life Healing and Regression


Past life regression is the deliberate use of a variety of methods to retrieve memories of experiences that occurred in other lifetimes. While re-experiencing past life events often brings about healing and change, the goal of looking beyond the veil of separation into the memories of the subconscious mind is to gather knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the deeper aspects of personality and character. The larger objective is the pursuit of completion and wholeness.  In essence, the pursuit of past life memories derives from the desire to put present life experiences, personality, and character into context within the full progression of the soul.Mary Lee LaBay

This potent modality is intended for those who wish to explore their past life experiences and how the events of past reincarnations are manifesting as issues and challenges in this current incarnation.

Past life themes that may be relevant include health and relationship issues, fears and phobias, finances, career and success and self-esteem and emotional issues. Traumas and patterns experienced in past lives may still be manifesting in an emotional, physical, or behavioral way in the here and now. Part of the potency in this work comes from how we have experienced different creeds, cultures, and gender manifestations and how that has shaped our current world view and present manifested being.

We will explore karma and karmic debt issues and the dominant karmic themes that have woven a thread through various incarnations. Our aim is to cleanse and release negative or inappropriate karma. This past life clearing can facilitate our spiritual growth and ascension potential.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression encourages the mind to draw back the veil of separation between our subconscious, which remembers earlier parts of our existence, and our conscious mind.

During regression it is also possible to explore our soul experiences between lives and gauge whether we are beginner, intermediate or advanced souls. The latter may be a factor in our life selection in the past, in the now, and future life choice. Knowing where we are on our soul’s journey through time may also help us clarify our thinking regarding our current life emphasis.

Hypnotic regression techniques are used whilst meditation, journaling, crystals, dream analysis and shamanic journeying techniques can also be employed. This journey back to earlier soul incarnations illuminates our personality and character traits and brings about emotionally and sometimes physically healing too.