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Kevin Parker is On Sabbatical Throughout 2024

Greetings all. I am not seeing clients this year as I am taking a sabbatical from to focus on other projects throughout 2024. This certainly includes spending time listening and chatting to the nature spirits in my garden. Plus a bit of actual gardening if the fast growing pumpkin patch and emerging giant pumpkins don’t engulf everything else and integrate us into their pumpkinnessosity.

The pumpkin patch is moving quickly towards the house

Yes Veronica, the book is on it’s way too! No really, it is. I’m writing, meditating, dowsing and shamanic journeying on the subject matter and if I am not distracted by too many shiny things or red wine the book will be birthed after the longest gestation period in recent history in early 2025 (ish!).

A Podcast, The Shamanic Garden, is in production and due for release into the wild in October 24. Subject matter – well, just have glance at the site content and those of my other sites listed below to get the picture!

I will leave the site online as will be posting occasional articles. Feel free to drop me a line.

I am still available for professional mentoring for those involved in serious esoteric pursuits or professions in need of support. I have just one speaking engagement booked this year at the NSW Dowsers Society in Sydney, 3rd Sunday of November.

Check out some of my other community service sites such as which has stacks of articles on green living, meditation, mindfulness and various insights into esoteric practices and the mythical and magical realms.

Kevin Parker
Kevin at a moment at a younger moment when beard was trim and hair was shaven

There is also the charmingly upbeat if you are looking for information about making changes in your life using proven scientific techniques based on the power of transformation, with a bit of fairy dust thrown in for good measure.

If you are looking for a festival to go to perhaps my hobby site might help (it helps Maddi’ and I plan our festival priorities!).

Traveling around Australia? My environmentally and cultural tourism focused site, VisitAustralia.Earth might be useful if you don’t mind filtering my Greenie bias throughout.

See you on the Astral Planes!

Many Blessings


Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker is a Core Shamanic Practitioner and a Spiritual Life Coach

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