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Kevin Parker: Background and Professional Life Experience

Shamanic and Spiritual Life Coaching Practice

Kevin Parker offers Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Energetic Space Clearing. He is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies’ 3-year Advanced Initiation Program and a member of the Shamanic Foundations Circle, the Society of Shamanic Practice, the NSW Dowsers Society and a member of International House Healers Network. He is a Fellow of the Theosophical Society. As a Reiki Master, Kevin integrates diverse cultural traditions into his practice.

chickens walking the spiral with Kevin Parker
Teaching the chickens to walk in mindful meditation around the garden spiral is taking some time

Operating from Bowral, NSW, Australia, Kevin provides both in-person and remote consultations. His regular speaking engagements include the Theosophy Society of Australia and the NSW Dowsers Society.

Background & Experience
Kevin’s extensive background includes roles such as National Campaign Director of The Wilderness Society, NSW State Coordinator for People for Nuclear Disarmament, and as a Research Coordinator at Wollongong University. He has also owned a New Age Crystal Shop and currently directs marketing and communications for MVCP Pty Limited.

Kevin Parker meeting the Dalai Lama
A younger looking Kevin Parker meeting his Holiness the Dalai Lama at the saving Tibetan Wilderness Conference that Kevin convened and spoke at in the 1990’s

Current Projects
Kevin runs niche websites like ShamanicGarden.Earth and PositiveAffirmations.Earth, sharing knowledge on esoteric subjects, mindfulness, and alternative healing. His other ventures include VisitAustralia.Earth and FestivalAustralia.com.au.

Personal Life
Kevin is married to Maddi’ and they have five grown children. Their home features a biodynamic garden, senior chickens, three beehives and Wonder Dog Buddy the resident guru.

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Kevin Parker
Kevin Parkerhttp://kevinparker.au
Kevin Parker is a Core Shamanic Practitioner and a Spiritual Life Coach

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