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Ghosts and Entities

Kevin Parker has spent years aiding the release of trapped spirits and entities using methods such as Shamanic healing, House Whispering, and Dowsing. He brings a blend of empathy, concentration, and expertise to each case. His approach is clear and inclusive, built from years of hands-on experience.

If your home or workplace feels off, with strange cold spots, unexplained mechanical issues, unexplained movements of objects, or a feeling of external influence on your actions, you might be dealing with energetic imbalance. This can result from several sources, including benign (mischievous) or malicious trapped spirits, unresolved ancestral or personal relationship energies, local history of indigenous mistreatment, nature spirits, geopathic stress, or even inter-dimensional entities.

Rebalancing the energies within your space may involve addressing paranormal activities. Mostly, these spirits are benign but need help transitioning to higher realms. 

There are times when spirit entities have merged inappropriately with humans for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, advanced shamanic techniques can be employed to remedy the situation in the majority of cases.

By employing House Whispering and Shamanic techniques, stuck energies within your space can often be released, realigning energies and providing a compassionate resolution for trapped spirits and entities.

On exploration, the causes of these disturbances often turn out to be quite rational.

Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker is a Core Shamanic Practitioner and a Spiritual Life Coach

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