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Energetic House & Land Space Clearing: Harmonic Realignment

Kevin Parker, is an Energetic Space Clearer offering both on-site and remote services. He was trained by the House Whispering Academy based in the UK and combines those powerful techniques with his shamanic, dowsing, reiki and druidic knowing. Kevin helps clients explore their connection with their homes and land, working together to explore if their environment aids or impedes their personal and spiritual growth. This modality has proved useful in agricultural or general land related issues.

Energetic Space Clearing the House Whispering explores:

  • Your sense of belonging in your home.
  • If your home feels like a peaceful, energising sanctuary.
  • If previous occupants’ lives are influencing yours.
  • How your home impacts your relationships and wellbeing.

People seek House Whispering when issues connected to their living environment arise, such as relationship, health, or paranormal problems. Old energy left by previous occupants can significantly affect your life. Neighbour relations may negatively influence your space as well.

Using a method called ‘Psychotherapeutic Regression’, Kevin gathers the building’s soul fragments. He clears, realigns, and reconnects the building to its original code, or a new code if necessary. His detective-like approach explores the deep resonance between a person, their home, and the land, examining how it relates to the client’s inner patterns and karma.

The process addresses why people often feel uncomfortable in their homes, and why they may be drawn to problematic locations. House changes can disrupt life’s nine areas: career, relationships, elders & ancestors, wealth & blessings, health, helpful friends, creativity & children, contemplation & meditation, and illumination & fame.

Consultations use the 3 R’s method: Reading (understanding the house), Revelation (uncovering underlying patterns), and Resolution (resolving issues). The goal is to deepen your relationship with your living space, transforming it into a home.

Face-to-face consultations begin at $500 and are available in NSW, Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Greater Sydney & ACT, usually taking 4-6 hours. Travel costs may apply. Remote services are available globally via video-link, with a free 15-minute initial chat.

Kevin Parker trained under the original House Whisperer, Christian Kyriarcou, to whom he extends gratitude. Christian’s site and book, “The House Whisperer: Discovering your relationship with the heart of home”, offer further insights.

Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker is a Core Shamanic Practitioner and a Spiritual Life Coach

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