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Elves & Elf Magick

Originally, Elves held significance in Norse and Germanic history and folklore, particularly in Medieval Northern Europe and the British Isles. A modern perception of elves has evolved based on these cultural ideologies amplified by contemporary interpretations, insights from mystics and influenced by the popularity of the Lord of the Rings movies. Emerging from these insights an increasing number of humans are choosing the Elven path as an integral part of their personal or clan’s spiritual journey

Starting from the belief in the existence of Elven Realms alongside our own in different dimensions this module is suitable for those interested in the contemporary elf way and evolving their own spiritual context.

The first step is to explore the history, lore, and practices of the Elven Path to establish common ground between Kevin and client as to the framework for exploratory journey to follow.

The intent is to help connect individuals with the hidden realms of elves using established and experimental techniques. These might involve meditation, Celtic or core shamanic journeying and Elf Magick through which we seek to access the wisdom of the eleven races coexisting with us on this planet and beyond.

For those drawn to the Sidhe, or higher-dimensional Elven Beings, there are advanced practices, which, after due preparation, are designed to establish connections.

This work requires a pure heart, a disciplined approach, a strong spirit and a strong intention to work in the light. When trust is earned, co-creation with Elven Guides becomes a possibility. It is a powerful modality for personal growth and healing when approached correctly.

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Kevin Parker
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Kevin Parker is a Core Shamanic Practitioner and a Spiritual Life Coach

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