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Connect and Transform Your Life with Dragon Energy

Harness the mythical power of dragons to transform your life. Our sessions guide you in summoning and collaborating with your personal dragon, enhancing your self-awareness, and promoting self-love.

What to Expect

  1. Discover Your Dragon: Identify the unique dragon energies that resonate with you.
  2. Summoning Techniques: Learn methods to call upon your dragon for various purposes.
  3. Connection and Collaboration: Develop a deep bond with your spirit dragon to harness its energy for self-empowerment.
  4. Protection and Power: Understand how to maintain a connection with your dragon and recognize its presence.
  5. Dragon Healing: Explore your energetic body to clear old energies and welcome new ones using Law of Attraction principles.
  6. Spiritual Practices: Delve into spiritual principles and rituals to enhance your dragon connection.
  7. Dragon Oracle Cards: Optional exploration of dragon oracle cards to gain daily insights and guidance.

Embrace the wisdom and power of dragons to transform your life and discover your true potential

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Kevin Parker
Kevin Parkerhttp://kevinparker.au
Kevin Parker is a Core Shamanic Practitioner and a Spiritual Life Coach

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